2017 AGLOW Pre and Post Conference Trips – Lake of the Woods FAM Trips

Lake of the Woods is a hunting and fishing mecca. In addition, there are many other activities for the outdoor adventurer. We are happy to offer a variety of trips both before and after this year’s conference to media. If you have an activity in mind not listed or if you would prefer to set something up during another season, please feel free to reach out to Joe Henry with Lake of the Woods Tourism.

1. Walleye Fishing aboard a Lake of the Woods Charter. Experience firsthand why Lake of the Woods is The Walleye Capital of the World. Climb aboard one of our resort charter boats with a licensed charter captain all geared up for walleyes. The fall is a great time to target walleyes as they have the feed bag for the upcoming winter. Everything is provided. Enjoy a day or two on a charter. There are two decisions you need to make, “What should I wear and what should I eat?” We find the fish, you catch them, and we clean them!

2. Grouse Hunt The Walleye Capital. There are literally thousands of acres of grouse filled public forests with three species of grouse in the area. Ruffed grouse are by far the most common and sought after. Spruce grouse are also in good numbers and prefer more of the pine forests. Sharp tailed grouse also encounter the area and prefer the edges of wooded areas in agricultural areas. Let us assist you in hunting some of the best grouse habitat the Midwest has to offer.

3. Duck Hunting. Lake of the Woods hosts both puddle ducks and a variety of diver ducks. There are a variety of areas to hunt including fields, backwater off the lake, big bays, and amongst the 14,552 islands of the lake. Experience what duck hunting in walleye country is all about.

4. Fish the NW Angle. It’s the northernmost point of the contiguous United States and the very tip of MN called the NW Angle. This area is the start of the 14,552 islands amongst Lake of the Woods. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you fish some of the best waters on the planet for walleyes, pike, smallmouth bass, muskies and crappies

5. Create your Own Adventure. In some cases, you may want to take a unique perspective on a story. In other instances, the dates don’t quite work out. Maybe you want to do a “cast and blast”. No worries, work with Joe Henry, Executive Director of Tourism to fine tune a trip to your liking.

We work hard to accommodate all legitimate win-win requests. In some cases, spots are limited.

Please reach out if interested, contact Joe Henry Phone: 320-260-7727 Email: joe.henry@lakeofthewoodsmn.com