2020 Awards in Craft for Excellence in the Outdoors Industry

2020 AGLOW Awards-In-Craft Sponsored by Ducks Unlimited, Blackfish, Toyota and ALS Goldfish Lure Co.

The Awards in Craft ceremony was held as a virtual event this year.  View the 2020 AIC winners below.


Scott Mackenthun
“Bluegill on the Fly”

Bill SherckTV Episode
“A Gem at Risk”

Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association
“Black Belt Bounty”

Best of Magazine/Hunting

1st Place – Paul Wait
“Hunter Recruitment: Are We Doing it Right?”

2nd Place – Roy Heilman
“When Everything Goes Wrong Something Can Still Go Right”

3rd Place – Jeff Davis
“Let’s All Celebrate the Hunt”

Best of Magazine/Open

1st Place – Mark LaBarbera
“TP Optimist Says Roll is Half Full”

2nd Place – Mark LaBarbera
“19 During 19”

3rd Place – Paul Wait
“When Duck was a Delicacy”

Best of Newspaper/Boat, Travel & Camping

1st Place – Lew Freedman
“Yellowstone Full of People, Sights”

2nd Place – Lew Freedman
“Travel Series: RV Trip”

3rd Place – Matt Markey
“Rescue Provides Reminder of Lake Erie’s Dangers”

Best of Broadcast, Electronic Media TV, Video, Webcast or Vlog Fishing

1st Place – Drew YoungeDyke
“Outdoors Unleaded”

2nd Place – Bill Sherck
“S&S Sisters”

3rd Place – Bret Amundson
“Tazin Lake”

Best of Radio/Podcast Fishing

1st Place – Buddy Seiner
“Snapper Dave”

2nd Place – Barb Carey
“Fishing-Musky School Adventures”

3rd Place – Angie Scott
“Talking Catfish with Grammy Winning Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent”

Best of Electronic Blog Open

1st Place – Drew YoungeDyke
“Love Note to a Michigan Forest”

2nd Place – Roy Heilman
“Foraging in Minnesota: Ramps”

3rd Place – Roy Heilman
“Saved by Gillis Lake”

Best of Public Speaking

1st Place – Buddy Seiner
“TEDx Rapid City-All Fish Stories Deserve to be Told”

2nd Place – Brandon Butler
“Conservation Federation Wins Golden Glow”

Best of Magazine/Fishing

Fishing 1st Place – Steve Griffin
“Surface Tension”

Fishing 2nd Place – Tom Berg
“Learning to Love Carp”

Fishing 3rd Place – Brent Frazee

Best of Newspaper/Hunting

1st Place – Lew Freedman
“Where is Hunting Now?”

2nd Place – Mark Demko
“More Women Taking Aim at Bowhunting”

3rd Place – Paul Smith
“Tradition at This Deer Camp Includes Copper Bullets”

Best of Newspaper/Open

1st Place – Kenneth Kieser
“Duck Decoys Are an Ancient Tradition”

2nd Place – David Zeug
“Tribute on the Brule”

3rd Place – Paul Smith
“Father’s Day Packs New Meaning”

Best of Broadcast, Electronic Media TV, Video, Webcast or Vlog Open

1st Place – Bill Sherck
“A Gem at Risk”

2nd Place – Mark LaBarbera
“MOHEE Youth”

3rd Place – Dan Small

Best of Radio/Podcast Open

1st Place – Brandon Butler
“Former Missouri State Parks Director Billy Bryan”

2nd Place – Larry Whiteley
“An Age Old Mysterious Performance”

3rd Place – Buddy Seiner
“Covid Positivity”

Best of Book 

1st Place – Tim Huffman
“300+ Crappie Fishing Tips”

2nd Place – Jack Spaulding
“The Best of Spaulding Outdoors”

3rd Place – Jason Houser
“Hunting Trophy Whitetails”

Best of Magazine/Boat, Travel & Camping

1st Place – Barbara Ostmann

2nd Place – Trent Marsh
“Claycation: Florida Road Trip”

3rd Place – Bill Antonides
“Forged by Fire”

Best of Newspaper/Fishing

1st Place – Dan Small
“Safe Harbor for Lake Michigan Trout”

2nd Place – Kenneth Kieser
“Fishing With My Grandson”

3rd Place – Steve Griffin
“Learning About Ling”

Best of Broadcast, Electronic Media TV, Video, Webcast or Vlog Hunting

1st Place – Bill Sherck
“7 Lives Ike”

2nd Place – Dan Small
“Wisconsin Turkey Hunting 2019”

3rd Place – Dan Small
“Deer Season”

Best of Radio/Podcast Hunting

1st Place – Brandon Butler
“Missouri’s First Ever Elk Hunting Season: Aaron Hildreth”

3rd Place – Angie Scott
“Why Women Hunt”

2nd Place – Dan Small
“Preparing for a DYI Elk Hunt”

Best of Electronic Blog Fishing

1st Place – Brent Frazee
“Fishing Was the Bond that Brought Dad and Me Together”

2nd Place – Roy Heilman
“Tullibees and Happy Kids on Mille Lacs”

3rd Place – Todd Corayer
“Is There Writing on the Stone Wall for Stripers”

Best of Website

1st Place – Roy Heilman

2nd Place – Tom Watson

3rd Place – Brandon Butler


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