Photo: 2022 AIC winners

2022 AGLOW Awards-In-Craft Winners

The Awards in Craft ceremony was held at Chateau on the Lake Resort on
September 18-22, 2022.

View all of the 2022 AIC winners below.

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Dan Amundson "Aggie Plowing Through Mud"

Dan Amundson
“Aggie Plowing Through Mud”

Best of Show Ken

Ken Perrotte
“Outside the City Limits”

Best of Magazine/Hunting

1st Place – Ken Perrotte
“Outside the City Limits”

2nd Place – Jason Houser
“Keep your Taxidermist Happy”

3rd Place – Alan Clemons
“Bushytail Armageddon”

Best of Magazine/Open

1st Place – Michelle Scheuermann
“Social Media Master Class”

2nd Place – Serena Juchnowski
“Camp Perry: Field of Dreams”

3rd Place – Trent Marsh
“Straight to the Aimpoint”

Best of Newspaper/Boat, Travel & Camping

1st Place – Gretchen Steele
Popularity of ‘Snake Road’ becomes Mixed Blessing

2nd Place – Lew Freedman
Winter Camping for the Hardy

3rd Place – Ken Perrotte
Fossil Fanatics Sink Teeth into Shark-Tooth Hunting

Best of Broadcast, Electronic Media TV, Video, Webcast or Vlog Fishing

1st Place – Dan Amundson
“Lake of the Woods Remembrances”

2nd Place – Bill Sherck
“Adventure Tuesdays”

3rd Place – Bret Amundson
“Rainy River Fishing Tips in a Snow Storm”

Best of Radio/Podcast Fishing

1st Place – Bret Amundson
“Jay Siemens”

2nd Place – Dan Amundson
“Lake Superior to BWCA Trout Fishing”

Fishing 3rd Place – Kyle Agre
“Student Angler Shares Story of Possible Record Book Fish”

Best of Electronic Blog Open

1st Place – Tom Watson
“The Utility Of Plastic Flying Discs At Camp”

2nd Place – Paul Wait
“Crash Landings: ‘Twas Three Weeks Before Christmas…”

3rd Place – Richard Simms
“Wild Game Pursuits in 20 States, 4 Foreign Countries”

Best of Public Speaking

1st Place – Joe Henry
“Fishing Success on New Water”

2nd Place – Bret Amundson
“What is Intentional Content Creation and how can you do it?”

3rd Place – Scott Mackenthun
“Ice Angling for Panfish”

Best of Magazine/Fishing

1st Place – Scott Mackenthun
“Counseling for Cats”

2nd Place – Mike Schoonveld
“Crankbait Tweaks for Fun and Fish”

3rd Place – David Zeug
“Fall Paddletail Bite”

Best of Newspaper/Hunting

1st Place – Steve Griffin
“Help Wanted, Benefits Delicious”

2nd Place – Bill Hilts Jr.
“Local Bowdealer Remembers Legendary Fred Bear”

3rd Place – Scott Mackenthun
“Duck Dreams”

Best of Newspaper/Open

1st Place – Roy Heilman
“Safety First”

2nd Place – Mike “Gnat” Gnatkowski
“Don’t Get Ticked Off”

3rd Place – David Zeug
“Fear Factor’ Added Vector in Wolf Impact on Deer?”

Best of Broadcast, Electronic Media TV, Video, Webcast or Vlog Open

1st Place – Kristin Ojaniemi
“Discovering – DNR Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program”

2nd Place – Bret Amundson
“Climbing on Ice”

3rd Place – Bill Sherck
“Kab Winter Camp”

Best of Radio/Podcast Open

1st Place – Dan Amundson
“Deer Hunting Primer”

2nd Place – Bret Amundson
“Macbeth and 22 Karat Gold Catch Fish?”

3rd Place – Kyle Agre
“Mape Syrup Season Preview”

Best of Electronic Blog Hunting

1st Place – Larry Whiteley

2nd Place – Bill Hilts, Jr.
“Early Season Goose Hunting Tips”

3rd Place – Roy Heilman 
“Three Magical Days: Part II – First Turkey Hunt”

Best of Magazine/Boat, Travel & Camping

1st Place – James Proffitt
“Silver Bullet”

3rd Place – Tom Berg
“Canoeing Safety on Big Waters”

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele
“Riverlands Offers Wonderful Winter Birding”

Best of Newspaper/Fishing

Fishing 1st Place – Lew Freedman
“The Allure of Lures”

Fishing 2nd Place – John Hageman
“Viruses, Disease Can Take Toll on Fish”

Fishing 3rd Place – Kenneth Kieser
“Taking Trout in the Rocky Mountains”

Best of Broadcast, Electronic Media TV, Video, Webcast or Vlog Hunting

Hunting 1st Place – Bill Sherck Gerlach
“Covid Turkey Camp”

Hunting 2nd Place – Dan Amundson
“Prairie Stewards”

Hunting 3rd Place – Dan Small
“Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2021”

Best of Radio/Podcast Hunting

1st Place – Bret Amundson
“The Future of Our Ducks”

2nd Place – Dan Amundson
“Turkey Prep and Eating What Part of a Pig?”

3rd Place – Kyle Agre
“Overlooked Cuts of Venison”

Best of Electronic Blog Fishing

1st Place – James Proffitt
“Tips, Tricks, Recipes: Want to know how to eat Great Lakes fish?”

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele
“Will Gas Prices Keep You Angling Closer to Home This Summer?”

3rd Place – Brent Frazee
“Gary Klein Has Adapted Throughout His Hall of Fame Career”

Best of Book

1st Place – Geremy Olson
“Campfires, Kids, and the Outdoors – Outdoor Lessons for the Real World”

2nd Place – Paul Wait
“Delta Waterfowl – How the Duck Hunters Organization Shaped Waterfowl Conservation in North America”

3rd Place – Bryan L. Hendricks
“St. Tom’s Cathedral – A Turkey Hunter’s Quest for His Best”


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Best Of Photography Hunting

Dan Amundson Aggie Plowing Through Mud

1st Place – Dan Amundson
“Aggie Plowing Through Mud”

Trent Marsh "Prairie Truth"

2nd Place – Trent Marsh
“Prairie Truth”

3rd Place – Ken Perrotte
“View From the Top of the Rock”

Best Of Photography Fishing

1st Place - Blake Tollefson "Sunset Slab"

1st Place – Blake Tollefson
“Sunset Slab”

2nd Place - Bret Amundson "Legendary Lakers"

2nd Place – Bret Amundson
“Legendary Lakers”

3rd Place - Richard Simms "Adventures on Ice"

3rd Place – Richard Simms
“Adventures on Ice”

Best Of Photography Outdoor Scenic

1st Place – Tom Berg
“Loon Family Dinnertime”

2nd Place - Richard Simms "Temperate Forest"

2nd Place – Richard Simms
“Temperate Forest”

3rd Place – Trent Marsh
“The Cradle of Trout Fishing”

Best Of Photography Outdoor Recreation

1st Place - Tom Watson "Paddlin' Tandem"

1st Place – Tom Watson
“Paddlin’ Tandem”

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele
“Creek Walkin'”

3rd Place - Jonathan Small "Kayaking the Lake Superior Sea Caves"

3rd Place – Jonathan Small
“Kayaking the Lake Superior Sea Caves”