BY DON DZIEDZINA |  The 2015 SHOT Show will be held this winter, January 20-23 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

I’ve attended this show several times in the past and find it amazing.  You’ll have to have your walking shoes on though.  This is one show that in the 4 days that it’s open, you’ll never be able to walk all the aisles of each of the many exhibitor halls.  It’s just too big.

In years past, I’ve crossed paths with many AGLOW members at the show.   Whether it was while checking out a handgun, rifle, the newest in camo clothing or hunting gear, we’d be able to talk for a minute or two then we’d part our ways.  Story ideas are there by the hundreds.  But while the show is open, you have to keep moving or you’ll never get to see everything you want.

So to all who will be attending the 2015 SHOT Show, what do you think about a gathering on one evening?  The gathering will be nothing elaborate.  Maybe it can be for an hour or two before we go our separate ways to have dinner.  I know of a few people already who will be there and hotel stays are already showing that we’ll be spread out.

So how about this?

If you’re interested in getting together for a cocktail one evening just send me an email.  My address is  This will not be a majorly organized event, just a simple social hour someplace.   It would be great to see you, compare notes and share some of the exciting things we’ve seen so far.  Everyone will be on their own regardless if they want a cocktail, a pop, or grab something to eat.

I’m thinking that if you let me know if you’re interested in getting together one evening after show hours, say 6 PM (show closes at 5:30 PM) I’ll help organize the gathering.  I’ll send out a short email to all who responded with some suggestions for the date, time, and location.  I’d be glad to have your ideas too.

It would be great to see fellow AGLOW members in Vegas.  Bring your wives and/or girlfriends.  It’s okay because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Media members can register to attend the SHOT Show at