Those of you that regularly attend the AGLOW conference are familiar with the jam sessions around the campfire each night where Tim Lesmeister, Brian Smith, Tom Watson and anyone else with an instrument gather around the flames and play popular covers as well as some original tunes.

This year Lesmeister will be showcasing 12 original songs from his new album, “Another Crack in the Windshield” which he recorded at Hidden Giant Studio in Nashville in June of this year. The album is currently available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and all of the other popular streaming services. Just search the album title or “Lesmonster” to find it.

If anyone wishes to download the album or individual songs they can go to and search those same keywords. Lesmeister will be bringing some compact discs to the conference so if you want one shoot him an email at There’s a campfire every night and lot of music to hear. You won’t want to miss it.