Photo by Brent Frazee – Tight Quarters at Bennet Spring

AGLOW 2017 Ducks Unlimited / Honda Awards-In-Craft Dinner
Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

AGLOW’s 2017 Awards-In-Craft Competition winners were recognized on Tuesday, September 26 during the Annual Fall AGLOW Conference. The HondaLogoRam Trucks Evening Away Dinner was set at the Willie Walleye Park overlooking the scenic Baudette Bay in downtown Baudette, Minnesota. Although a downpour ensued, AGLOW members enjoyed an evening under the canopy where dinner was served and AGLOW members were honored for their excellence . ducksFirst through third places were awarded in a variety of media divisions and categories, and the Best of Show honorees topped off the evening. Plaques, certificates and cash awards were made possible through the gracious sponsorships of the competition by Ducks Unlimited and Honda.

AGLOW’s Annual Awards in Craft competition receives hundreds of entries from it’s media members who provide their best work in communications through print, broadcast and online media across the country. These prestigious awards are judged with specific criteria and given to the best media entries in divisions for television, online, radio, print and photography. Specific awards are given within each division for categories including hunting, fishing, travel and open.


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Bobby Whitehead was presented Best of Show for Excellence in Writing by AGLOW Executive Director Mark Smith. “The Condo” was selected as best in show over all print and electronic categories submitted.
Photo by Gary N-Ski.


The best photo entry was “Tight Quarters at Bennett Spring
This outstanding photo taken by Brent Frazee
out shined all other photo entries to
receive AGLOW’s 2017 Pete Czura Award
for Excellence in Photography.


The Excellence in Industry Public Relations
Award for Digital Press Releases and Syndicated
Content is awarded to Plano Synergy.
Josh Lantz of Traditions Media accepted the
honors on behalf of Leslie Sundahl (MN) and
Noel Vick (AR), Owners. Gary N-ski photo.

Best of Radio/Fishing

1st Place -Gary Howey (NE):
“The Fall Fishing Bite is On”

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
“Catch the Early Ice Bite Safely” 

3rd Place – Dan Small (WI):
“Fish On, Fish Off”


Best of TV/Fishing

1st Place -Bill Sherck (MN):
“Fishin’ with the Tator”

2nd Place -Bill Sherck (MN):
“Atikokan’s Air Adventures”

3rd Place – Jeff Kel (WI):
“Orvis Fly Fishing Class”

Best of Web Communications/Fishing

1st Place – Dave Barus (NY):
“Gurgle, Babble & Slurp – the Welcome Language of a Reborn Trout Stream,” www.sharetheoutdoors.com

2nd Place -Brent Frazee (MO):
“One Giggin’ Sucker,” www.sportingclassicsdaily.com

3rd Place – Jason Houser (IL):
“Bullheads – The Underrated Fish,” www.jasonhouseroutdoors.com

Best of Magazine/Fishing

1st Place – Angelo Peluso (NY):
“Long Island’s Spring Creek Trilogy,”

2nd Place – Tom Carney (MN):
“With Fly Rod in Hand, a Second Chance,”

3rd Place – Tom Watson (MN):
F“A Day in the Life of a Charter Boat,”

Best of Magazine/Boating & Boating Safety

1st Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
“Paddle Hard, Paddle Long,”

2nd Place -Bill Antonides (SD):
“Water Rights and Fights,”

3rd Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann ():
“100 Miles on the Big Muddy,”

Best of Newspaper/Hunting

1st Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
“Youth Turkey Hunt can offer lifetime lessons”

2nd Place – Lew Freedman (WY):
“Wyoming Disabled Hunters Helps people get back to sport they love”

3rd Place – Bob Holzhei  (MI):
“Are Turkey Hunts Actually all about the Gear?”

Best of Newspaper/Best Outdoor Page

1st Place –Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
“Spring perch tips straight from the experts”

2nd Place –Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
“They don’t call them the Great Lakes for nothing”


Best of Photography/Outdoor Recreation

1st Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
“Smokin’ Shooter”

2nd Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann:
“100 Miles on the Big Muddy”

3rd Place – Gary N-ski (WI):
“Campbell Family Picnic Games”

Best Book

1st Place – Kristine Houtman (MN):

2nd Place – Robert Halver:
“Bache Hamilton Brown”

3rd Place – Tom Watson (MN):
“Best Minnesota Camper Cabins”

Best Podcast/Fishing

1st Place – Carrie Zylka (WI):
“Ice Fishing in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota”

2nd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
“Wild Barb and Samantha Sukucak”

3rd Place – Gary N-ski (WI):
“Shooter and Barb Ice Fishing”

Best Blog/Fishing

1st Place – Brent Frazee (MO):
“Father-Daughter Fishing Trips”

2nd Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
“Fishing Etiquette Reminder, For Lake or For Stream”

3rd Place – Tom Watson (MN):
“Walleye Weekend”

Best of Radio/Hunting

1st Place -Jeff Kelm (WI):
“A Bowhunt to Remember”

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
“Deer Season Preparation..The Buck Stops Here” 

3rd Place – Jeff Kelm (WI):
“Recruiting New Hunters”

Best of TV/Hunting

1st Place – Bill Sherck (MN):
“Deer Stand Truck”

2nd Place -Bill Sherck (MN):
“Brady’s Big Hunt”

3rd Place – Dan Small (WI):
“Holyland Rabbit Hunt”

Best of Web Communications/Hunting

1st Place – Chris Jennings (TN):
“Going For Broke on Baffin Bay,” www.ducks.org

2nd Place – Dave Barus (NY):
“No More Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Chiggers,” www.sharetheoutdoors.com

3rd Place – Chris Jennings (TN):
“Ridiculously Smart Decoy Strategies,” www.ducks.org

Best of Magazine/Hunting

1st Place – Tom Carney (MN):
“Caps Up, Collars Charged!”

2nd Place – Bill Antonides (MN):
“Opening Day,”

3rd Place -Ken Perrotte (VA):
“Bear Hounds & Bluegrass Make Beautiful Music,”

Best of Magazine/Travel, RV & Camping

1st Place – Tom Watson (MN):
“Toddlers in the BWCA,” 

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
“Thoughts of Big White Birds,”

3rd Place – Bill Antonides (SD):
“Easy Money?”

Best of Newspaper/Boating & Boating Safety

1st Place – Lew Freedman:
“Boating, one of YNP’s (Yellowstone National Park’s) Oldest Boating and Recreational Pursuits”

2nd Place – John Hageman:
“Gales of November, Perilous Times on the Great Lakes”

3rd Place –Steve Griffin (MI):
“With Lifejackets, No Such Thing as Being Too Careful”

Best of Photography/Fishing

1st Place – Brent Frazee (MO):
“Tight Quarters at Bennett Spring”

2nd Place – Gary N-Ski (WI):
“Turtle River Rainbow”

3rd Place – Gretchen Steel (IL):
“Stringers are Full”

Best of Photography/Outdoor Scenic

1st Place – Kevin Wright:
“Spring Big Horn Mountians Moose”

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
“Sibling Squabble”

3rd Place – Kevin Wright:
“Immature Squabble-Bald Eagles”

Best of Newspaper/Open

1st Place – Angelo Peluso (NY):
“A dose of Wilderness Wisdom”

2nd Place – Ken Perrotte (VA):
“By not hovering over children, adults help them spread wings”

3rd Place – Jody Anderson (MN):
“Shore Lunch and the Bacon and Onion Sandwich mystery”

Best Podcast/Open

1st Place – Barb Carey (WI):
“Wild Barb and Hannah Stonehouse Hudson”

2nd Place – Gary N-ski (WI):
“The Last Alaskans!”

3rd Place – Carrie Zylka (WI):
“Drive Your Own Dogsled with Wolfsong Adventures in Mushing in Bayfield, Wisconsin”

Best Blog/Open

1st Place – Tom Watson (MN):
“Magical Moments: Kayaking Alaska”

2nd Place – Carrie Zylka (WI):
“The Day I Wished I Carried a Gun”

3rd Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann:
“With Trout Season Opening March 1, It’s Time To Reel In a Fish Dinner at a State Park”

Best of Radio/Open

1st Place – Dan Small (WI):
“Saving the Monarch”

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
“Food Plot Importance and Implementation”

3rd Place -Gary Howey (NE)):
“Poachers are Poaching From Us All”

Best of TV/Open

1st Place – Bill Sherck (MN):
“Face to Face”

2nd Place -Dan Small (WI):
“Modern Day Homesteading”

3rd Place – Jeff Kelm (WI):
“Sandhill Crane Migration”

Best of Web Communications/Open

1st Place – Brent Frazee (MO):
“Home on the Range,” www.sportingclassicsdaily.com

2nd Place – Chris Jennings (TN):
S“The Buckingham Trail,” www.ducks.org

3rd Place – Dave Barus (NY):
“When Lake Erie Charter Captains Meet,” www.sharetheoutdoors.com

Best of Magazine/Open

1st Place – Bill Antonides (SD):
“Crystal Clear,”

2nd Place – Brandon Butler (MO):
“Loss of the Wild,”

3rd Place – Brandon Butler (MO):
“The Daughter Delight of a Wannabe Mountain Man,”

Best of Newspaper/Fishing

1st Place – Bobby Whitehead (MO):
“The Condo”

2nd Place – Kenneth Kieser (OK):
“The Best Smallmouth Fishing Hotspots”

3rd Place –Gary Howey (NE):
“Walleye Fishing Up North”

Best of Newspaper/Travel, RV & Camping

1st Place – Brandon Butler (MO):
“Plan your trip to Table Rock Lake for outdoor adventure”

2nd Place – Scott Mackenthun (MN):
“Today’s camping has welcomed conveniences”

3rd Place – Dan Small (WI):
“Weather or Not, the Quesnell Crew Goes Camping”

Best of Photography/Hunting

1st Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
“Snatching Up the Snows”

2nd Place – Josh Lantz (MI):
“Feather Duster”

3rd Place – Brent Frazee (MO):
“Dawn at Squaw Creek”

Best of Photography/Black & White

1st Place -Gary N-ski (WI):
“Little Nigara River”

2nd Place – Chris Jennings (TN):
“Mallards and Sprigs in the Fog”

3rd Place -Gary N-ski (WI):
“Otter Creek Round Up”

Best Podcast/Hunting

1st Place -Gary N-ski (WI):
“CWD–A Minute in the GreatWild”

2nd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
“Hawke Optics”

3rd Place -Carrie Zylka (WI):
“Jana Waller, Alaska Moose Hunt, and Working in the Hunting Industry”

Best Blog/Hunting

1st Place -Josh Lantz (MI):
“What Makes Us Hunters?”

2nd Place – Carrie Zylka (WI):
“10 Reasons Why Women Should Try a DYI Solo Hunt”

3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
“Favorite Hunting Finds at AGLOW”


Scroll through the winning photos below and click on each image to view an enlarged version.

(All photos are owned solely and exclusively by AGLOW members— any use or reproduction without permission  is strictly prohibited by law.)