Photo by Gretchen Steele – Partners

AGLOW 2016 Ducks Unlimited / Honda Awards-In-Craft Recognized in Chautauqua County, New York

AGLOW’s 2016 Awards-In-Craft Competition winners were recognized on Sept. 29 during the 60th Annual AGLOW Conference. The HondaLogoRam Trucks Evening Away Dinner was a spectacular evening event graciously hosted by the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural ducksHistory in Jamestown, New York. First through third places were awarded in a variety of media divisions and topical categories. Plaques, certificates and cash awards were made possible through sole sponsorship of the competition by Ducks Unlimited and Honda..

AGLOW’s Annual Awards in Craft competition receives hundreds of entries from it’s media members who provide their best work in communications through print, broadcast and online media across the country. These prestigious awards are judged with specific criteria and given to the best media entries in divisions for television, online, radio, print and photography. Specific awards are given within each division for categories including hunting, fishing, travel and open.


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Kristen Monroe was presented Best of Show for
Excellence in Writing by AGLOW Executive
Director Mark Smith. “After 5 Springs of Trying,
Monroe Finally Kills a Bird”, was selected as best
in show in all print and electronic categories.
Photo by Gary N-Ski.

Gretchen Steele of Illinois bested all photo
entries with this photo titled “Partners” to
receive AGLOW’s 2016 Pete Czura Award
for Excellence in Photography.


The Excellence in Industry Public Relations
Award for Digital Press Releases and Syndicated
Content is awarded to Traditions Media.
Josh Lantz (r) and Dena Vick (l) accepted the
honors on behalf of Leslie Sundahl (MN) and
Noel Vick (AR), Owners. Gary N-ski photo.

Best of Radio/Fishing

1st Place -Gary Howey (NE):
There’s Something in the Air

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
Kids and Fishing 

3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
It’s Never Too Late to Start Ice Fishing


Best of TV/Fishing

1st Place -Gary Howey (NE):
West River Bluegill

2nd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
Lake Superior Steelhead

3rd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
Carroll Lake Ontario Walleye

Best of Web Communications/Fishing

1st Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
Alligator Gar in the Kaskaskia?

2nd Place – Jason Houser (IL):
Why You Need To Dispose of Your Old Fishing Line Properly

3rd Place -Tom Watson (MN):
Homemade Fishing Lures

Best of Magazine/Fishing

1st Place – Jim Kalkofen (MN):
Picture Perfection

2nd Place – Dave Zeug (SD):
Brown Trout on Ice

3rd Place – Angelo Peluso (NY):
Fly Fishing the Long Island Sounde

Best of Magazine/Boating & Boating Safety

1st Place – Tom Watson (MN):
Kodiak by Kayak

2nd Place -Bill Antonides (SD):

3rd Place – Jason Houser (IL):
Winterizing Your Boat Now is the Right Choice

Best of Newspaper/Hunting

1st Place – Kristen Monroe (WI):
After 5 Springs of Trying, Monroe Finally Kills a Bird

2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL):
The Science of Tracking Wounded Deer

3rd Place –Kenneth Kieser  (MO):
Delta Offers Up Greenheads on Rice

Best of Newspaper/Best Outdoor Page

1st Place – Steve Griffin (MI):
Midland Daily News-Outdoor Page

2nd Place – Will Elliot (NY):
The Buffalo News-Outdoor Page

1st Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
New York Outdoor News-Outdoor Page

Best of Photography/Outdoor Recreation

1st Place – Tom Watson (MN):
Front Seat

2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (MN):
Thumbs Up in Biloxi

3rd Place – Angelo Peluso (NY):
Profiles in Falconry

Best Book

1st Place – James Campbell (WI):
Braving It

2nd Place – Kenneth Kieser (MO):
A Return to Hunting North American Waterfowl 

3rd Place – Thomas Carney (MI):
Among the Aspens

Best of Radio/Hunting

1st Place -Bob Willgin (WI):
Deerfoot Lodge

2nd Place – Gary N-Ski (WI):
Eddie Salter: turkey Man 

3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
Trapper Matt Brauer

Best of TV/Hunting

1st Place – Dan Small (WI):
Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

2nd Place – Jason Houser (IL):
Lottie’s Luck

3rd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
Dan Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

Best of Web Communications/Hunting

1st Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
Tips for Taking Youngsters to a Duck Blind

2nd Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
Waterfowl Opener, A Real Blast

3rd Place – Jason Houser (IL):
How Not to Kill a Deer

Best of Magazine/Hunting

1st Place – Dave Zeug (WI):
Grand Passage Epiphany

2nd Place – Tom Watson (MN):
Carrying in Public Parks

3rd Place -Ken Kieser (MO):
Ghosts of the Frozen North

Best of Magazine/Travel, RV & Camping

1st Place – Tom Watson (MN):
Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads

2nd Place – Thayne Smith (OK):
Writers Tried Them All-As Loaners

3rd Place – Bill Antonides (SD):
Might Versus Right

Best of Newspaper/Boating & Boating Safety

1st Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
Don’t Miss the Boat-Tips and Precautions for Fun on the Water

2nd Place –Darrell Taylor (MO):
Is Your Boat Ready for Winter?

3rd Place –Steven Griffin (MI):
Boaters Access Granted

Best of Photography/Fishing

1st Place – Angelo Peluso (NY):
Beach Bass on A Fly

2nd Place – Gary N-Ski (WI):
Staying Free of Trouble

3rd Place – Ed Cheeney:
Sunset: Back From the Catch

Best of Photography/Outdoor Scenic

1st Place – Ed Cheeney (MI):
Life @A Snails Pace

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
Strutter Show Offs

3rd Place – Thayne Smith (OK):
A Paradise of Jewels in Springfield

Best of Newspaper/Open

1st Place – Dave Zeug (WI):
A Look at Cecil’s Killer’s Actions in Wisconsin

2nd Place – Bobby Whitehead (MO):
Believe it or Not

3rd Place – Bob Holzhei (MI):
The Story Behind Shipwreck Alley

Best of Radio/Open

1st Place -Gary Howey (NE):
Habitat Acres and Pheasant Numbers on the Rise

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
Remembering Terry Redlin 

3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
Shoots Like a Girl

Best of TV/Open

1st Place – Mark LaBarbera (WI):
Wisconsin Turkey Hunting

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
Aberdeen Wounded Warrior Pheasant Hunt

3rd Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
Outdoor Beat #68

Best of Web Communications/Open

1st Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):
What Have We Become

2nd Place – Tom Watson (MN):
Surviving on Icy Waters

3rd Place – Barb Carey (WI):
Able Outdoors

Best of Magazine/Open

1st Place – Thomas Carney (MI):
A Type and a Shadow of a Different Sort

2nd Place – Jeff Helsdon (ON, Canada):
Duck Band Pioneer

3rd Place – Bill Hilts Jr. (NY):
Sturgeon making a comeback in Lake Ontario

Best of Newspaper/Fishing

1st Place – Darrell Taylor (MO):
Sea Bass of the Ozarks

2nd Place – Gary Howey (NE):
CatMish Eager Biters, Tremendous Fighters

3rd Place –Dan Small (WI):
Fly Fishing World Championship a Muskie Marathon

Best of Newspaper/Travel, RV & Camping

1st Place – Bob Holzhei (MI):
Destination Yesteryear; Ashland Takes You Back in Time

2nd Place –Bill Hilts, Jr. (NY):
New York’s 1000 Islands-Food for Thought for Vacationing

3rd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL):
Fishing, Family and Fun in Biloxi, Mississippi

Best of Photography/Hunting

1st Place – Gretchen Steele (IL):

2nd Place – Dan Stefanich (IL):
Next Generation

3rd Place – David Zeug (WI):
50 Years a Coyote Hunter

Best of Photography/Black & White

1st Place -Gary N-ski (WI):
Dancing for Tourists

2nd Place – Pat McGrath (KS):
Little Girl and Gray Wolf

3rd Place -Gary N-ski (WI):
Eye of the Arrow


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(All photos are owned solely and exclusively by AGLOW media members, any use or reproduction is strictly prohibited by law.)