Photo by Tom Watson – Pelican Peek

2018 AGLOW Awards-In-Craft Sponsored by Ducks Unlimited and Honda in Bismarck, North Dakota

The annual Awards-In-Craft ceremony was once again held during the RAM Trucks Dinner which took place amongst relics and archeological wonders in the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum in downtown Bismarck.  Ducks Unlimited and Honda once again made possible the plaques, certificates and cash awards given to over 100 winners in categories spanning television, online, radio, print and photography.



Bill Sherck was presented Best of Show for “Kaitlin’s Day”.


Tom Watson bested all photo entries with this photo titled “Pelican Peek” to receive AGLOW’s 2017 Pete Czura Award for Excellence in Photography.


Bast-Durbin Advertising
For their hunter recruitment book for the Aldo Leopold Foundation:
“Why Hunt? A Guide for Lovers of Nature, Local Food and Outdoor Recreation”

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, Bast Durbin (left),  Dan Stefanich, AGLOW President (center), Kristen Monroe, Bast Durbin (right)

Best of Radio/Fishing

1st Place – Larry Whiteley
Deer Season Closed

2nd Place – Gary Howey
Early Season the Best Fishing & Most Dangerous

3rd Place – Dan Small
Fishing with Jim Lindner


Best of TV/Fishing

1st Place – Bill Sherck
Kaitlin’s Day

2nd Place – Bill Sherck
Growing Up Too Fast

3rd Place – Jeff Kelm
Hmong Ice Fishing

Best of Magazine/Fishing

1st Place – Alberto Rey
Shouts of Delight: A Father and Son Net Fish and More on a Captivating Atlantic Salmon River in Iceland

2nd Place – Darrell Taylor
Memories of Old Fishing Lures

3rd Place – Angelo Peluso
The Alligator Blues

Best of Magazine/Boating, Travel & Camping

3rd Place – Gretchen Steele
Where the Ancients Walked
2nd Place – Brent Frazee
Misadventures in Camping
1st Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann
Paddle, Camp, Repeat

Best of Newspaper/Hunting

1st Place – Dave Zeug
Caribou: The Last Hunt of Quebec’s Leaf River Herd

2nd Place – Ken Perrotte
Reunion is Productive-Even if the Hunting Isn’t

3rd Place – Paul Smith
Quebec’s Caribou Provide Thrill of a Lifetime for Hunters

Best of Photography/Fishing

1st Place – Gretchen Steele
Frosty Fish

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele
Settin’ Nets

3rd Place – Steve Griffin
Pier Pleasure

Best of Photography/Outdoor Recreation

1st Place – Angelo Peluso
Profiles in Falconry

2nd Place – Bill Antonides
A Sure Sign of Spring

3rd Place – Barb Ostmann
150 Years and Counting

Best of Blogs/Hunting

1st Place – Matthew Breuer
Scouting Turkeys With Trail Cameras
2nd Place – Bill Hilts, Jr.
Extreme Opener: Sometimes Waterfowling Hurts
3rd Place – Brent Frazee
Kansas Landowner Dies, But His Legacy Will Live On

Best of Video Blogs/Fishing

1st Place – Jason Houser
Ice Fishing for Brown Trout with Wolfpack Adventures
2nd Place – Jason Houser
The Quest for Redfish – Panama City Beach, Florida

Best of Radio/Hunting

1st Place – Larry Whiteley
Deer Camp Pranks
2nd Place – Bill Hilts, Jr.
The Rut is On
3rd Place – Dan Small
Eva Shockey on the Hunting Lifestyle

Best of TV/Hunting

1st Place – Jason Houser
Chasing Trophy Gators

2nd Place – Dan Small
Deer Hunt WI 2017

3rd Place – Dan Small
Grouse Hunt & Camp Lunch

Best of Magazine/Hunting

1st Place – Kenneth Kieser
The Long Oak Ridge
2nd Place – Paul Wait
A Healing Hunt
3rd Place – Bill Antinomies
Fair Chase

Best of Newspaper/Fishing

1st Place – Brent Frazee
Parents Who Lost Son Still Treasure Missouri’s Annual Trout Opener

2nd Place – Lew Freedman
Fighting to Save Cutthroats

3rd Place – Dave Zeug
I am a Trout Fisherman

Best of Newspaper/Open

1st Place – Angelo Peluso
Fish & Brew: An Angler’s Guide to Pairing Seafood and Craft Beer

2nd Place – Steve Griffin
Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Campfire

3rd Place – Paul Wait
Wisconsin’s Little Brown Duck Dog

Best of Photography/Outdoor Scenic

1st Place – Tom Watson
Pelican Peek

2nd Place – Gretchen Steele
Pyramid Paradise

3rd Place – Bill Antonides
Thunder Snow Clouds Over the Marsh

Best Book

1st Place – Angelo Peluso
An Angler’s Guide to Smart Baits

2nd Place – Lew Freedman
Denali Ranger

3rd Place – Bob Holzhei
The Mountains Shall Depart

Honorable Mention – Tom Watson
Minnesota’s Best Tent Camping

Best E-Book

1st Place – Jason Houser
A New Approach to Coon Trapping

Best of Blogs/Fishing

1st Place – Mike Schoonveld
If You Can ‘Almost’ Catch a Fish, Can the Fish ‘Almost’ Get Away?
2nd Place – David Barus
Top Water Popping Frog is a Bass Killer
3rd Place – Drew Youngedyke
The Asian Carp Gauntlet

Best of Video Blogs/Hunting

1st Place – Jason Houser
Giant Hog Killed Hunting with Razzor Ranch in Florida

2nd Place – Jason Houser
Spearing a Wild Hog in Texas

Best of Radio/Open

1st Place – Dan Small
If I Were a Beaver

2nd Place – Jeff Kelm
West Nile Virus and Grouse With Mark Witecha

3rd Place – Dan Small
CWD Update With Bryan Richards

Best of TV/Open

1st Place – Dan Small
Blacksmith, Robert Schulz

2nd Place – Bill Sherck
Snowy Dreamers

3rd Place – Bill Sherck
Partridge Lake Newbies

Best of Magazine/Open

3rd Place – Drew Youngedyke
Loons and Finns
2nd Place – Gretchen Steele
An Unintentional Success: Waterfowl Have Been Good to Goose Guru Gary McCree
1st Place – Paul Wait
Flying to Find Canvasbacks

Best of Newspaper/Boating, Travel & Camping

1st Place – Steve Griffin
Looking in the Future, With a Loving Eye to the Past
2nd Place – Paul Smith
Cabin Fever
3rd Place – Barbara Gibbs Ostmann
Making Earth Their Classroom

Best of Photography/Hunting

1st Place – Matthew Breuer
Griffon Gets Rooster

2nd Place – Matthew Breuer
Good Game

3rd Place – Jason Houser
Full Load

Best of Photography/Black & White

1st Place – Gretchen Steele
“Cleaning Crew”

2nd Place  – Jason Houser
“Tangled Beauty”

3rd Place – Gretchen Steele
Frozen Fish Section

Best of Podcasts Hunting, Fishing & Open

1st Place – Drew Youngedyke
Artemis Sportswomen with Marcia Brownlee
1st Place – Drew Youngedyke
Asian Carp and Vanishing Paradise with Bill Cooksey
1st Place – Drew Youngedyke
National Monuments, Sage Grouse and the Gospel of Public Lands with Andrew Black and Aaron Kindle

Best of Blogs/Open

1st Place- Matthew Breuer
10 Crazy Things You Will See at the 2018 International Eelpout Festival
2nd Place – Mike Schoonveld
Stormy Lessons at a Fishing Access Site
3rd Place – Larry Whiteley
Day Dreams and Night Dreams

Best of Video Blogs/Open

1st Place – Jason Houser
Trapping Skunks and Removing the Skunk Odor
2nd Place – Jason Houser
The Do’s and Don’ts of Coon Trapping


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