Bugle Magazine Call for Stories 2021

RMEF logoBugle magazine, the flagship publication of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is calling for stories on elk and elk hunting.

To learn more about RMEF, submission guidelines and writing tips for Bugle, please refer here. Unless otherwise noted, word counts range from 1,000 to 3,000 words. Deadlines are rolling unless specified.

Queries are encouraged as is reading a few issues of Bugle. Send queries or submissions to bugle@rmef.org

1. Legacies
What is a hunting legacy? How does it pertain to hunting, to you, your family? Legacies can include camps, places, people, conservation, and many, many other elements. This is a very loose term. Show us a story and make sure it pertains to elk.

2. Adult onset elk hunters
What’s it like to start hunting elk at 25, 30, 55? The ups and downs and most importantly, the why?

3. For the love of knives
This is an intimate look at those special knives in our lives and what makes them so sentimental. They can also be knives you’ve lost, but hopefully have a photo somewhere.

4. The Hard Way
Sometimes the elk come easily. But painless effort rarely makes a good story, which is why these tales of bittersweet misery provide us with the everlasting pleasure of “Thank God it wasn’t me!” The pack out certainly counts for this one!

 5. A tribute to moms for Mother’s Day
Moms put up with a lot—be it stinky hunting clothes, lengthy hunting tales or dirty slabs of elk meat. They deserve our adulation. Face it. Without them, you wouldn’t get to hunt elk, or even exist. So here is a section devoted to mom: she hunts, she cooks, she teaches and best of all she loves her elk hunter. This section is not just for the June Cleavers out there, but every kind of mom that made an impact on your experiences of elk hunting.  Deadline January 20

6. Strangest places
We want stories about those not-so-typical places you’ve hunted elk, the not so classic elk country. But again, give us a story.

7. The Last Time
Stories about your final hunt in a beloved spot that for whatever reason is drawing to a close, never to be hunted again, and having to say good bye and part ways. Or not just spots, but hunting companions, too. Make us tear up a bit.

8. The Legends
About getting to know a particular elk over the course of many hunting seasons that always seemed to have your number. Be careful not to anthropomorphize too much and this certainly doesn’t have to end with you killing anything.

9. Jumanji
Stories about giant herds, wild stampedes and too-close encounters