Written by the award-winning author who challenged the gender gap in the hunting arena, FAN TALES is a collection of hilarious, bone-chilling, fun and exciting wild turkey hunting adventures and photographs. From her first hunt in South Dakota’s Black Hills and hunts in Missouri, New York and Iowa, to her guiding episodes in northeast South Dakota, from the non-use of turkey decoys to today’s myriad of highly technical products, Zastrow has stories of it all in her 28 years of hunting.

Enjoy her stories of hunting with professional hunters, friends and relatives. Thirty photographs bring FAN TALES to life and tell stories on their own. Included are wild turkey biology, information on National Wild Turkey Federation and two delicious favorite recipes.

“I am a turkey hunter. I have books by the legends: Colonel Tom Kelly, Ray Eye, Jim Spencer and others. This new book, FAN TALES, by Berdette Elaine Zastrow, has quickly become my favorite. It chronicles a lifetime of turkey hunting from a former South Dakota game and fish commissioner that will tickle your fancy. She presents a lifetime of individual hunts giving you the good, the bad and the exciting. Do yourself a favor and add this to your library. You won’t regret it.”

Bobby Whitehead, Editor/Publisher of Outdoor Guide Magazine, Saint
Louis, Missouri

“Storytelling is as much a part of hunting as the quarry, and Zastrow does a masterful job of weaving memories of the turkey woods into a complete package that keep the reader engaged, interested and wanting more. FAN TALES is a must read regardless of gender or age, as it accurately portrays the life cycle of a turkey hunter.”

Andrew Johnson, Editor of Outdoor Forum

“FAN TALES is a delightful book full of important information for those of us who really enjoy turkey hunting. Like the author, we can always learn more about this great sport from others.”

Curt Hicken, Outdoor Writer, The Telegraph, Alton, Illinois

“My friend and hero Berdette Elaine Zastrow, writes as she lives…with humor, humility, unyielding advocacy for conservation and a passion for shared outdoor experiences. FAN TALES chronicles a life well-lived in the outdoors through entertaining accounts of the kinds of one-off camaraderie and unpredictable lessons learned that so often define and add value to the turkey hunting experience.”

Josh Lantz, freelance outdoor writer and Hunting Communications
Manager, Traditions Media, Three Oaks, Michigan.

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