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Horizons is the official newsletter for the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers. We publish it six times a year for the benefit of our corporate and media members. Members may submit content for consideration. Submissions must be received on or before the first day of the month of publication to be included in the next issue. Submission should be made to Krissie Mason, Horizons Editor at

2018 Issues of Horizons
January/February 2019 Horizons
October/November 2018 Horizons
July-August 2018 Horizons
May-June 2018 Horizons
March-April 2018 Horizons
Jan-Feb 2018 Horizons

2017 Issues of Horizons
Nov-Dec 2017 Horizons
Sept-Oct 2017 Horizons
July – August 2017 Horizons
May – June 2017 Horizons
March – April 2017 Horizons

2016 Issues of Horizons 
December 2016 Horizons
October 2016 Horizons
August 2016 Horizons

July 2016 Horizons
June 2016 Horizons
April 2016 Horizons


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