Millions Take Up Fishing And Boating In 2020

COVID-19 Changes Outdoor Recreational Habits

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Branson, MO – January 25, 2021

A recent study by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation to see how COVID-19 is influencing outdoor recreation found that millions of new or returning participants took up fishing and boating in 2020. Big increases were seen among those who had never done either before the pandemic came to America.

Social distancing made many of our normal leisure activities impossible to do, but it also led a lot of people to discover new ways to enjoy their free time and still practice self-care. With all the uncertainty that 2020 brought, fishing and boating provided a lot of benefits to getting through a pandemic that included peace and relaxation, quality time with family and loved ones and even simply the calming effect of nature. The good news is newcomers overwhelmingly plan to continue fishing and boating. Among boaters, 94% say they’ll continue, and among anglers, 90% plan to continue in the future.

Common reasons for getting started included canceled vacations, more flexible schedules while working from home, and someone encouraging them. Personal motivations for continued participation include three key elements that fishing and boating offer like social connection with loved ones, the challenge of the activity and the connection to nature they offer. Benefits people liked most about fishing and boating included the calmness of nature, enjoyment, and mental wellness. New anglers overcame a variety of barriers including inexperience, lack of equipment and not having a fishing companion.

Fishing and boating are activities that can benefit anyone, regardless of age or ability level. One of the best places to experience both is right in the middle of America amongst the beautiful Ozarks hills and valleys of southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. Branson, Missouri is known nationally for being a great place to go for family entertainment, golf and shopping. With three lakes in and around the city, it’s also a great place to go for fishing and boating in 2021.

Lake Taneycomo is world renowned for its trout fishing and runs right through Branson. Its pristine, clear water is stocked annually with approximately 750,000 rainbow trout and is known as a world-class trout fishery. Table Rock Lake is great for a multitude of fish species as well as water sports like swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, boating, sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, riding a hydro-bike, going stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. Nearby Bull Shoals Lake is a short drive away and offers unbelievable fishing for many species of fish. Its clear waters are also perfect for scuba diving as well as all the water activities of the other lakes. If you enjoy camping and hiking there are plenty of places to do that as well throughout the area.

There are lots of resorts and other lodging along the banks of all three lakes too and they all have tackle shops and marinas that will be glad to outfit you, give you fishing tips and tell a few fish stories. Marina’s offer boat and equipment rentals or if you bring your own there are multiple public and privately-owned locations to access the water. There are also many fishing guide services available. You’ll go back home with lots of memories of boating fun and catching fish.

Branson offers plenty of family activities and outdoor activities to do in and around the town. Is this the year you come to Branson to relax and recharge your body and soul from all that’s going on in the world?

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