By Don Dziedzina

Fishing, archery and the shooting sports can all be found in our high schools today.  Isn’t it great that the future outdoorsmen and women are learning more about these sports in school, not to mention, have an interest in the outdoor sports.

For the past several years AGLOW has made a $500 grant available within our budget to be awarded to a High School team or club that exhibits an effort to promote an outdoor sport within the school and do public service within the community.   We’ve had some fantastic and deserving clubs receive this award.

This grant will be awarded to one club or team and you are being asked to make a nomination. It’s simple.

With a little research on your part, see if there is a local high school club that is involved in fishing, archery, shooting sports.  Send a simple email telling the grant committee a few bits of information.  Make your nomination by telling what they do and how they give back to their school and community with public service.  You don’t have to write a book as only a few paragraphs will do.

It cannot be argued that our teens today are being taught about sports that they can use their entire life.   Football, baseball, basketball, etc., are sports that after awhile can be enjoyed only by watching them on TV.   But so many outdoor sports have no boundaries and can be enjoyed forever.  We want you to nominate a deserving team or club who best promotes the fun, safety and conservation aspects of our traditional outdoor sports.

In your email, please include not only the team/club name, but also the name and contact information (address, email, and phone) of the head coach, leader or organizer.

Based upon your write-up of the nominee, all members of the grant committee will vote to select a winner.  Once a team is selected the information will be submitted for approval at the AGLOW Board of Directors meeting in September.  The award will be presented at the Fall Conference.

As outdoor communicators, it’s a good thing for us to be able to help those who are helping our high school-aged young people gain a personal connection and appreciation of the great outdoors.

Send your nomination to the HS Grant Chairperson, Don Dziedzina at by June 30, 2017.